Providing Superior Wellness and Performance Coaching

Since 2010, Wellness Health Consulting (WHC) has been offering coaching services to enhance performance and personal growth. You can trust that WHC will provide only the best services.

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Whether there is a need for one one coaching or you want to improve your team’s dynamics, I have the services for you. I offer the following:


Team Building

 Psycho-education Wellness Workshops

Why Work With Me

Through our services, WHC can help your company improve work performance, strengthen work relationships, and manage workplace stress. This will assist with self-care improvement and teach better ways of work life balance to improve overall happiness.

Service Area

My services are available throughout Northern and Southern California.


Price Listings


Pillar Support Package (one)

who: management team

desired goal: improve in the care of your employee's mental health to improve performance and improve on your ROI

Pillar support package (two)

who: employees

desired goal: improve health and wellness, work/life balance, & build resiliency skills

Pillar Support Package (three)

who: employees and management staff

  • one on one 30 to 60 minute virtual or phone coaching sessions
  • group conflict resolution webinar workshops

desired goal: to provide solutions focused support in the work place for stress release and management skills, create improved relationships and improve overall resiliency and emotional wellness inside and outside work.

Premium Pillar onsite Support Services

Onsite visits

  • one on one onsite coaching sessions
  • Team building activities to build team bonding and improve team relationships
  • brown bag workshops

desired goal: to provide a hands on approach with assisting management and their employees improve emotional wellness and resiliency, strengthen work relationships and improve work performance

all onsite visits are only provided within the limits of Northern and Southern California companies


Get in Touch With Me

Do not hesitate to contact me today to learn more about how I can help you. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. I look forward to hearing from you!