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My Resiliency Story

My life started over when my husband was unexpectedly killed in a motorcycle accident. I was left with two small children and the task of reconstructing our family. Fast forward to 2012…once again, I found myself at a crossroads. This year my mother died, my youngest left for college, I sold my home, I was unemployed and I broke off my engagement to be married. It would be safe to say, I was again, brought to my knees trying to reconstruct my life.

There are so many places I can go from here regarding resiliency, the lives that were affected outside my own~ my son who was five years old when his dad died, my siblings when my mother died, my husband’s family when he died, and my fiancé when the relationship ended…but I will simply say, we all experience times when we are approached with life’s circumstances and we are asked, expected, or required to continue on with living.

Since 2012, I went back to school and completed my doctorate in Behavioral Health, became certified as a Health and Wellness coach, and obtained my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. We all have the potential for resilience when called upon. What we lack are the resources, skills, and support to assist us with tapping into our own “strength reserve”.


At Wellness Health Consulting, my purpose is to be that “pillar” of strength for your company or the individual who is overwhelmed by life and happens to find their way to me. My own ability to bounce back and create a “new” rhythm for myself was a combination of self-preservation, faith in something bigger than myself, and outside support. Wellness Health Consulting wants to come alongside my clients and be that additional pillar of support outside of themselves.

I look forward to working with you!

All the best,

Dr. Mechelle with Wellness Health Consulting

Always strive for wellness, your solution for well-health