My Hero Story

My passion for coaching was created out of my desire to be effective in the lives of others. My evolution into leadership coaching developed through being under good leadership and being subjected to poor leadership; it comes down to effective relationships. Knowing how to lead others so they will want to follow.   Through my own experience, when I was under poor leadership, it created lack of trust, feelings of not being supported, and instability within my relationships with my managers. Due to these feelings, I did not feel safe and therefore was not invested in working for them, which transpired to my work. However, when I worked for someone who I trusted to lead the team I was on, I wanted to please them. I wanted to be a high performer. Now, these bad managers were not bad people, they just did not know how to manage a group of people with various personality styles, therefore they were creating or contributing to a toxic work environment. I find that most managers do not know how to motivate their staff or deal with difficult staff, which makes other members of the team feel unsafe. Being an effective leader has to have core traits of compassion, integrity, inspirational, good communicator, and empathy. There are obviously many more characteristics that a good leader must possess but these core traits are the foundation that leadership should build on. Are you leading with these qualities

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